Vanishing Cultures Photography | The Last Shangrila
Its isolation, domestic policies and decision to limit tourism have helped to protect its culture and its natural beauty. These are among the reasons it is referred to as the Last Shangri-la and the crown jewel of the Himalayas.
Punakha DzongPunakha DzongPunakha DzongPunakha DzongDochulaDochulaTaktsang DzongTiger's Nest monasteryTiger's Nest monasteryTiger's Nest monasteryTaktsang MonasteryPunakha Dzong paintingThe New Puna Mochhu BazamPunakha DzongPunakha DzongPunakha Dzong paintingPunakha DzongNepalese style stupa in PunakhaNepalese style stupa in Punakha