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San José de Moro is a Moche archaeological site in the Pacanga District, Chepén Province, La Libertad Region, of Northwestern Peru. The site served as a ceremonial funerary complex between the years 400-1000 AD. San José de Moro lies along the Pan-American Highway between the modern cities of Trujillo and Chiclayo. The site occupies approximately 10 hectares at about 13 meters above sea level. The desert region is sandy and dry in an area of the country that receives almost no rainfall; the arid conditions providing an ideal environment for high preservation of archaeological material.
ExcavationsMiddle Moche PeriodLate Moche PeriodFinal occupationLayers of timeHundreds of burialsHigh status femalesSacrifice and Presentation CeremonyBurial M-U1221ComplexEvidenceSignificant findsIntact PotteryDesert regionStorage containersLarge vesselsWorkshop areaMoche ceramics