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There are 37 islands that are scattered about the surface of Lake Tana, out of which some 20 shelter churches and monasteries of immense historical and cultural interest. These churches are decorated with beautiful paintings and house innumerable treasures. Because of their isolation they were used to store art treasures and religious relics from all parts of the country.
Giorgis monasteryGiorgis monasteryOuter circle, Giorgis monasteryWindowOuter circleBellsOpening doorPriest in doorwayPriestCrownsZege Peninsula, Lake Tana,Door, Ura Kidane MeretMadonnaArchangels Michael and GabrielMadonna & Child, Ura Kidane MeretArchangelsPainted ceilingBlue Nile FallsBlue Nile FallsYoung girl at Falls