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"Under A Pagan moon" "People of the Nine Skies"

The Kalash or Kalasha are a pagan tribe of Chitral, the northern district of the Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province (NWFP). They practice an ancient religion and lead a centuries old way of life. Their religious practices are a mixture of animism and ancestor worship. Foreign tourists require permits for visiting the Kalash valleys. Access to the Kalash valleys are via the Lowari Pass. The Pass is open during the summer months only, from June to mid-November. It may even close earlier due to snowfall.
Village homesVillage viewKalash ladiesKalash ladiesKalash ladiesFather and daughtersWatchingBashaleniSchool signSchoolSchoolSchool teacher holding babySchool teacher and babySchool roomReading notebookSchool bookKalash school girlsSchool GirlsDrinking from a streamRed slush