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Dao Ao Dai (long tunic Dao).Hoang Su Phi District, Ha Giang Province. The Dao (pronounced “Zao”) people of Vietnam first arrived from China in the 18th century. Part of the Hmong-Dao language group, they number about 630,000 and are found all across Vietnam’s northern provinces, living in large villages or small isolated hamlets and cultivating rice using the slash-and-burn method. The Dao can also be broken up into subgroups based on customs and the women’s clothing. These include the Dao Quan Trang (White Trousers Dao), Dao Ao Dai (Long Tunic Dao), Dao Dau Troc (Shaven-Headed Dao) and Dao Do (Red Dao). The Red Dao wear a striking scarlet turban decorated with tassels or bells.
Phan Nhot at her sewing machineSmilingBlack Tooth LacqueringCombing HairTying Her HairOreo Tin"Celestial Crown""Celestial Crown""Celestial Crown"  Head-PieceWhite Accent"Celestial Crown" Head-PieceWedding attireDao Ao Dai mother and daughterScarlet ClothPlaced around the Head-PieceScarlet TurbanMiss Chon NhotSilver BandSmiles