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"Blue Men of the desert " Niger 1999

The Tuareg people are predominantly nomadic people of the Sahara desert. The Tuareg are often referred to as "Blue Men of the desert " - because their robes are dyed indigo blue. They live in small tribes with between 30 and 100 family members and keep camels, goats, cattle, and chickens which graze the land. The Tuaregs are the masters of the Desert and have been nomads for over 2000 years now, mainly trading, salt, dates, sugar, silver, Sheep, Camels, Horses, and leather, throughout North Africa, West Africa, the Middle East, and even East Africa. The Tuareg are simple yet proud people. They would give their last drink of water to a stranger in distress, yet fight to the death if someone was to take their freedom away.
Tuareg and camelTuareg and camel 16 x 9"Abandoned by God"TaguelmoustTuareg on camelTuareg on camelAt restBlue-eyed camelWatching the dancersmatrilinealWaitingSaddle ViewFour ridersAt restHigh steppingGatheringThree ridersThree wise menSilhouetteTuareg and camel