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The center of the Tibetan Buddhist world for over a millennium, Lhasa literally the 'Place of the Gods' remains largely a city of wonders. The city is also renowned as "The Forbidden City”, the city was romantically imaged to possess inconceivable treasures, to preserve ancient wisdom and to be home to great mystics and saints.
Storm cloudsPotala PalaceJokhangJokhang roofDragonGolden roof dragonRoof ornament Jokhang TemplePotala Palace viewPrayer WheelsProstrationPrayer wheelProstrationPilgrim at Jokhang TemplePilgrim at Jokhang TemplePilgrim in doorwayJokhang Monastery kitchenPotala PalacePilgrims at front of Jokhang TemplePilgrimJokhang