"Where Spirits Speak"

Xingu is the 3rd largest Indian park in Brazil and the world. It has an area of approximately 2,800,000 hectares, with a current population of 5,000 Indians, distributed among 204 tribes and 16 ethnic groups. They migrated here from other parts of the country, running from settlers or having been forcibly resettled. The Xinguanos have integrated themselves into modern times without giving up their cultural identity. They use fishhooks, have radios and bicycles, trade in timber and hunting spoils. Until the mid-20th century their numbers declined to less than 1000, due to flu, measle and malaria epidemics. Today the Xinguanos themselves estimate the reservation population at over 3500, half of them younger than 15. Inhabitants of the Xingu Indigenous Park, the Wauja or Waura are famous for the exceptional quality of their pottery, the graphic designs of their baskets, their feather artwork and their ritual masks.

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