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The Apatanis used to practice facial tattooing and modification until the 1970s. The females used to have two sets of tattoos: one running from the forehead to the tip of the nose, and another set on the chin. The males used to have a less elaborate tattoo on the chin in the shape of a "T". The females were the only one practicing facial modification with the use of nose plugs, called yaping hurlo in the local language.
Apatani LadyApatani GrandmotherApatani grandmotherApatani grandmotherApatani grandmotherApatani ladyApatani Lady wrapped in blanketFinger puppetThrough the mistFacial tattooFacial tattooNose plugNose plugsLooking rightApatani ladiesApatani ladyWatchingWatchingApatani ladyCane nose plugs