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Cormorant fishing is a traditional life style for the fishermen of the Li River. This art is still practiced today among the few fishermen who still dwell on the Li and earn their living from fishing.
The cormorants are trained to dive into the river among the school of fish that live in the clear water. After catching a fish the birds return to the boat where the fisherman removes the fish from the bird. The bird is prevented from swallowing the fish by a ring that is placed around the neck of the bird. The bird is rewarded for its work by its owner. A bamboo raft used by the cormorant fisherman is made by tying bamboo poles together. It is also the most economical means of transportation for the fisherman. The light of the lantern attracts the fish.
LanternFirst LightLi River FishermanLi River FishermanFisherman at dawn on bamboo raftDawn`s early lightFisherman at dawn‘Huangbu Shoal’Fisherman at dawn and cormorantsFishermen with cormorantsFishermanFishermanDawn reflectionsRed dawnCasting his netNet ThrowerFishing with netNet ThrowerSplashCasting with net