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Classified as a subgroup of the Miao. Very little is really known about the Gejia apart from the fact that they specialize in batik, their colourful clothing is worn daily as well as special attire for festivals. The Ge, a Hmong subgroup, is in the People's Republic of China officially defined as part of the Miao people...However, the Ge do not accept being classified as Miao and have asked the authorities to recognize them as a separate minority. They call themselves Mhong. The Han Chinese call them the Chonganjiang Miao.
Standing in the rainGetting wetSharing a jokeBeautiful girlYu XiaoyingLook this wayBetween the raindropsSilver necklaceGejia girl smelling flowersGejia girl at wood stoveGejia reflectionsGejia girl and flowersYu XiaoyingReflectionGejia girl and echinaciaMinor adjustmentsReadyWaitingWindow lightEnd of season