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The Huli, who are famous for their wigs and for painting their faces yellow, live much as their ancestors have for centuries. They revere birds, decorate their wigs with feathers, and imitate bird movements in their dancing. The indispensable complement of their outfit is an axe with a casuary claw. This is a very dangerous weapon. The back side of a Huli tribesman’s throat is ornamented by various decorations, the most striking of which is a beak of a hornbill.
Huli society is polygynist. Men may take multiple wives but women may only have one husband at a time.
Huli SmileKundu drumApplying MakeupHuli DrummersArranging feathersRed and YellowHuli DanceHornbill necklaceHornbillHuliElderTreks BrochureHuli WigmanBird of Paradise feathersPainted faceSing SingYellow and redMedicine manMedicine manMedicine manHuli medicine man