Know Before You Go links


1. Check your Government Advisories Travel warnings and Alerts    Canada United States Britain Australia

Some insurance companies will not honour medical claims made for injuries suffered in a country for which the Government has issued an official Travel Warning. Coverage for injuries resulting from war may also be limited. Carefully research your needs and verify the conditions, limitations and requirements of your insurance policy before departure, especially the fine print on pre-existing conditions.

2. Where Do You Want To Go     World Cultures    Destinations     Full Moon Days     Sunrise and Sunset


3. When To Go     Monthly rainfall/Temperatures  Weather Forecasts  Best Time   Worldwide Holidays


4. Health    Center For Disease Control   World Health Organization   IAMAT  High-Altitude  Fit For Travel 


5. Travel Insurance                   Comparisons (Canadian and U.S. residents only) Comparisons


6. Airlines            Toll-Free numbers  Airport and City Codes   Frequent Flyer Programs  Seat Information


7. Time                                        Current Time Anywhere        World Clock       Time Zones


8. Packing                                    Unclaimed Baggage  Packing Tips  One Bag  Packing Light 


9. Safety Tips                                                               Travel Safety


10. Telephones    Country Code   International Calling Guide  Reverse Lookup   International Cell Phones


11. Currency                              Cheat sheet for travelers  Visa ATM Locator   MasterCard


12. Electrical                                                              Plug Adapters


13. Maps                                               Google Maps    Google Earth


14. Embassies and Consulates           Worldwide     Register your trip before you go