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The churches of Lalibela are among the most extraordinary architectural creations of human civilization.The churches were not constructed — they were excavated. Each church was created by first carving out a wide trench on all four sides of the rock, then painstakingly chiseling out the interior. The largest church is 40 feet high, and the labor required to complete such a task with only hammers and chisels is astounding. The roofs of the Lalibela churches are level with the ground and are reached by stairs descending into narrow trenches. The churches are connected by tunnels and walkways and stretch across sheer drops. The interior pillars of the churches have been worn smooth by the hands of supplicating worshippers.
Standing in doorwayPriestHoly bookHermitTop viewLooking upwardTomb of AdamSt. George ChurchBete GiyorgisBete GiyorgisHermit cavesSolid rockSt. George ChurchBete GiyorgisBete GiyorgisSt. George Church