Huli Wigman Papua New Guinea 1996

With each indigenous group that becomes assimilated, another unique culture vanishes.

It is easy to dismiss what we do not understand. We are all different; we are all the same. 

Indigenous people throughout the world are remarkable, not only for their differences but for their similarities. 

I am a photographer specializing in off-the-beaten-track destinations, to some of the world's most exciting and least-discovered spots. 

I have traveled from the jungles of New Guinea to the tribal regions of northwest Pakistan, in search of "Vanishing Cultures", "Sacred Rituals", and "Lost Traditions"

Indigenous people are among the most photogenic in the world, and I have been a privileged visitor.

I hope to see you someday, on the road less traveled.

The photographs of indigenous people have artifacts of modernity incorporated into their daily lives without compromising their cultural identity. 


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